Spaghettata : What a success!


Over 375 guests took part in our first Spaghettata. What a success! Thanks to your generosity, The Spaghettata, organized by the FANDS, has raised over $10,000 for our school yard!

On behalf of the organising committee and the EBNDS community, we would like to thank the following moms for volunteerting their time, we could’nt have done it without them!

  • Mina Ladores
  • Dimitra Kafantaris
  • Rachelle Casson
  • Elisa Rossi
  • Karine Gore
  • Jessica Haddad
  • Stefanie Kalil


We would also like to send a special thank you to our donors who graciously donated towards our raffle prizes;

  • Eastman Spa
  • Station 5
  • Amanda Cournoyer
  • Di Iorio Family
  • Morena Family
  • Annie Hebert Lalonde & Family
  • Kalil Family
  • Frintzilas Family
  • Ferri Family
  • Sasso Family


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