May 3, 2022


ÉCOLE BILINGUE NOTRE-DAME DE SION RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Approved Unanimously on April 6, 2022 WHEREAS, over two million children have fled Ukraine to escape war; WHEREAS, the Ukrainian refugee crisis is the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II; WHEREAS, the Congregation…

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Nov 9, 2021


EBNDS kindergarten students have begun an entrepreneur project! Throughout the course of the year, they will learn about honey bees and their importance to our lives! Did you know that our school has its own beehive on the roof? The kinder students proudly sold their honey from our hives!

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Jun 30, 2021

EBNDS Class of 2021…

The EBNDS Class of 2021 has generously donated to “The Legacy of Hope Foundation” in memory of children lost to the residential school system and to honor residential school survivors and their families.

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Dec 7, 2020


This photo shows students of Mme Paquette (class 3B) who are happy to have offered their help to a family in need. They wrote greetings for the members of this family. The students also wish the entire EBNDS family a great holiday season.

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Nov 25, 2020

Grade 1 Reading Project

Grade one has been working very hard to become readers! We have been practicing our letter sounds with reading games. It has been a fun way to learn and practice together. Great teamwork grade one!        

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Oct 7, 2019


A group of EBNDS students from the 2019 graduating class, before going on their first outdoor trip with their secondary school; West Island College. We are so proud of them!  

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Apr 10, 2019

LUCKY No. 55

Our Lucky No. 55 Celebration promises to be a fun-filled gathering full of food, laughter, games and dancing. Our goal is to raise 50 000$ with this event which will support of our beloved gym! For close to 14 years our gym has been a place of community gathering and joy. The gym has endured thousan…

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Apr 2, 2019


Our fundraising goal was $15,000 to purchase more ‘Flexible Seating’ furniture which will continue aid in creating a different class layout to offer students the choice to work in different locations and positions. Thanks to your generous donations and your purchasing of raffle tickets, …

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