Exploring new horizons

Complementing our academic curriculum are a number of dynamic outings and cultural activities planned throughout the year, chosen specifically to enrich academic learning and develop social awareness.

These activities are an integral part of the overall success of our students as they deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the world around them.

Overnight trips

Each year beginning in grade 3, a series of enriching and educational overnight trips (three days and 2 nights) allow our students to blossom and socialize outside the school environment. Students benefit from a chance to develop independence, autonomy, and maturity.

Grade 3: Nature trip (Classe verte), summer
Grade 4: Nature trip (Classe neige), winter
Grade 5: Quebec City
Grade 6: Ottawa

Cultural outings

We organize a series of cultural and educational activities every year designed to expose students to a rich and varied world of experiences. These typically include trips to theatres and museums, field days, snow activities and rural visits help students develop cultural awareness.

In-school activities

In addition, students benefit from a host of in-school activities throughout the year designed to spark their curiosity, promote appreciation for multicultural values, and celebrate special events together.

These include science workshops, book fairs and visits from authors; special assemblies for Remembrance Day, Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, and Chinese New Year; our annual Christmas concert, Sion Celebration, and activities to mark Earth Day, Halloween, and la Semaine de la francophonie and much more.