The foundation

Vital to our mission

La Fondation des Amis de Notre-Dame de Sion (FANDS) provides additional financial support to our school in order to maintain high standards of our academic program.

The constant update and improvement to equipment and facilities (first-rate library, gym, arts, music and the latest in educational technology) impacts greatly on the overall surroundings that makes learning more engaging for all our students.

As a private, non-subsidized school, EBNDS relies on monies raised by the FANDS for continued development and innovation.

Bursary program

In accordance with EBNDS mission and values, the FANDS believes no child should be excluded from the opportunity to blossom academically and socially into their full potential. Every year, we partner with the St-Andrew’s Foundation to provide bursaries for selected families who cannot afford full tuition fees.

Financial support from the EBNDS Community makes all the difference!

Recent projects:


WIFI installation
Art tables and materials
Gymnasium sound and projections systems


26 Ipads
Equipment for the sport program
Music instruments and classroom furniture

To support these endeavors the FANDS organizes a number fundraising events throughout the year, such as our Breakfast with Moms, Breakfast with Dads, and Annual Gala.